Which assessment service should you use?

Well, naturally we want you to use Between Us, but you should shop around and ask questions just as you would with any other kind of technical service. Between Us handles most types of fiction and non-fiction except for science fiction, porn and fantasy. Be aware that genre fiction (romance, crime, historicals) has its own distinct conventions and parameters, and needs a particular approach. Choose an assessment service as you would an agent or publisher: don’t submit your work to anyone who doesn’t handle your chosen genre/subject. If your book doesn't quite fit a particular genre, or you've written a non-fiction work on a technical subject, please feel free to discuss it with us by email (and then by phone if necessary) before sending your manuscript. Most of our assessments are done by Meredith Whitford, who has degrees in English, History, Classics and Creative Writing, has worked in legal and government environments, has been an editor since 1990 and a publisher's reader, and has published historical novels and a biography. Other assessors with particular expertise in technical fields can be called upon if necessary – but you will always know exactly who you are dealing with. Your manuscript won't be farmed out to anyone without the necessary experience.