How do you submit your work to Between Us

Email your manuscript in Word or RTF, as an attachment to your introductory letter. You can also send hard copy by post (with return postage.) Submit your manuscript as you would to an agent or publisher: that is, on single-sided A4 paper, using a size 12 font, with double- or 1.5-spacing and margins of at least 3 cm on all sides. Please run your spell checker and then proof-read the document to the best of your ability. Number all pages consecutively and put the page number and your name or the work’s title at the top of each page. On the title page put the book’s title, its word length by computer count, your name/pseudonym with the copyright symbol (©) and date, your postal and email addresses and phone/fax number. You may use a pseudonym if you wish. We do not require a synopsis, just a brief covering letter saying what type of book it is and whether it is aimed at a particular age-group or readership. This is because we prefer to read your manuscript without any preconceived ideas or expectations, as if we were reading a published book, with only a brief description/blurb. If you want us to assess your synopsis, send it as a separate document, with a covering note to that effect.

We prefer to work with complete manuscripts, but if you have particular concerns and want to know if you’re on the right track, we’ll look at the first 2-3 chapters or 50 pages.